Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Invigorating Disability Equality Training with a twist!

Invigorating Disability Equality Training with a twist!
October-November 2007
Location Birmingham, Milton Keynes and London
Disabled people moving equality forward

Bringing you a truly outstanding line up of innovators in Disability and Deaf Arts.
We are running several events in late September, October and November 2007 looking at issues for promoting Disability Arts and Deaf Arts and inspiring contemporary development in your services. We have a 10 step Ruby guide to marketing to Disabled audiences and a 5 step guide to commissioning disabled artists. The sessions are half day taster sessions and we can guarantee you won’t be sitting down very much! If you are looking for practical training and new ideas around meeting the Disability Discrimination Act DDA, then don’t miss this creative opportunity. Work solutions out on the day!

Our trainers and artists are part of the UK's leading Creative Equality team at Ruby Associates.

To express an interest and sign up please email:

The course costs are: £95 per session plus support packs additional and online tutoring can be discussed. If you would like further information please email as above.

thankyou for your time

Zoe Partington-Sollinger

Creative Director
Ruby and Diablo
Telephone: 01299 271 906
Mobile: 07803 607008

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