Friday, 20 July 2007

Cloud Gallery
I would like to introduce to you a project that I am currently involved in developing with a group of Shrophire based artists:
We are developing a proposal to build a straw bale/timber public gallery


# To construct a low impact affordable public
building as an exemplar of good practice in
environmental architecture and construction
# Eco design that will optimise energy use
# Building methods that will allow some
opportunity for self-build
# To promote visual art in a rural setting and
supporting artists residencies within this region
# To advance education in the arts, sustainable
construction and use of resources
# Overall cost will be less than conventional build

We are proposing that The Cloud Gallery is built at Craven Arms, at Onny Meadows,
within the site of the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

Please take a look at this attachment and for more information look at our website:

We are putting on major symposium with Amazon Nails, Britains leading straw bale architects,
September 7th-9th. Details of which are on the website
Please could you forward this to any of your contacts who may be interested.
We are currently taking bookings for the symposium in September and are also looking for new members to join us.

Your comments will be greatfully received.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
With best wishes

Ruth Gibson
(Cloud Gazer)

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