Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Obstructions Network Event - ONE

Sunday 24 February 2008
Obstructions Network Event - ONE
Fowler+Sumner will be hosting the first ONE meeting in mid-February at Belmont Arts Centre in Shrewsbury. We hope the Obstructions Network Event will become a regular feature on the new media events calendar in the West Midlands.
The event will be an opportunity for media artists to come together, and work in a creative environment for a day, responding to a set of instructions, or obstructions, to create new work. Each participant will produce their own piece.
Participants will receive their obstructions at the beginning of the day, and not before. At the end of the day there will be a screening or showcase of the produced work, and a vote for the winning piece. Belmont Arts Centre has its own digital media studios, but artists are also encouraged to bring any kit with them that they are likely to need.
Places will be limited, so artists need to book in advance.
More details www.fowlersumner.net/one

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