Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Designer Maker West Midlands, Seminar Discussion Days

Designer Maker West Midlands, Seminar Discussion Days on the 21st January and the 11th February 2008 10-5.00pm.

There are still a few free places left for the two events. They will be held at Arts Council England West Midlands, 82 Granville St, Birmingham B1 2LH

The seminar days are aimed at supporting mid-career makers from the (West Midlands region) wishing to engage in discussion on ideas for new work and developing new markets.

The intention is to provide an interactive and friendly opportunity for debate, the exchange of ideas and the practical working up of plans for new work and new markets.

21st January 2008
'In Conversation with Leading Practitioners' - discussions focusing on the developing new work, the leading practitioners are:

· Jane Adam - Jeweller
· Chris Keenan - Potter
· Heather Belcher - Textiles

11th February 2008
'In Conversation with Curators and Gallery Professionals' - a seminar discussion day focusing on developing marketing opportunities, the Curators and Gallery Professionals are:

· Kate Stoddart - Freelance curator at Nottingham Castle Museum and Lustre at the Djanogly Art Gallery
· Jack Doherty - Potter & CPA Chair, CPA organises the Ceramic Art London, at the RCA Galleries
· Aileen Hamilton - The Grace Barrand Design Centre

Booking is essential. Please find attached pdf for further details on the events, visit the DMWM website or contact Wendy Jones 0121 331 6759. or email

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