Saturday, 2 June 2007

Calling all artists, all artforms!

Do you have experience working with older people?

Helena Lane Centre in Ludlow wants to bring in artists to work with their clients

I am going in to do consultation with them next Thursday to talk to them about different artforms and artists.
If you are interested in working on this project, please send me an example of the kind of work you would do with them, either photographs (on CD or by email) or audio CD or short DVD clips (1-2 mins) by 12pm on Wednesday 6th June, so that I can take this with me when I speak to them, and they can select their favourite artists and artforms.

They are really interested in visual arts, crafts, music and storytelling, but I think will be open to anything.
The project will include training with staff to ensure a legacy after the project.
This project aims to re-motivate staff and clients who have recently gone through massive change and moved into a new building.
All of the clients are aged 60+, and many have disabilities and sensory impairments
Many have had little or no experience of the arts and many feel they 'can't do it', so a key factor will be boosting confidence and motivation
Staff are concerned that sessions are targeted appropriately taking into account the participant's disabilities, but also their maturity and varied experience. They don't want 'a school session'.
Sessions may be open to the local community as well as the centre's clients
This project may also include the Adults with Learning Disabilities group that use the Centre in additional sessions
This project is seeking funding following the consultation, so is likely to start August - September 07
The project is likely to run with regular sessions over approximately 6 months initially
It is hoped that there may an exhibition or sharing at the end of the project
Please get in touch if you are interested in working with Helena Lane Centre and wish to discuss this further (contact details below).
Please send examples of work by 12pm on Wednesday 6th June (next week).

Jenny Henrywood
Arts and Creative Industries Development Officer
South Shropshire District Council
Stone House,
Corve Street,
Tel: 01584 813190

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