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Illustrator wanted

Artist Brief

Biographical Image Production to illustrate the life and works of Dr. William Penny Brookes

As part of the William Penny Brookes Inspire Project a
Legacy project for Cultural Olympiad

Background to project
This works fits into a broader partnership between Energize, Telford and Wrekin Council, Shropshire Council, the West Mercia Probation Trust
And the initiative is known as the Inspire Project

It is envisaged that the images produced will be used as part of Museum on the Move, in the Dr. William Penny Brookes material and also be available to the William Penny Brookes School in Much Wenlock as part of the local history area in their library. They will also be used in the William Penny Brookes Inspire Project (see additional information attached )

This project will work creatively with at risk young people in Shropshire.
We would like to receive expressions of interest from artists who have the following experience and skills and a particular interest in this theme:

What we are looking for creative practitioners who can:

• Demonstrate a high level of competency in their own art form

Project aim
To develop the skills and aspirations of vulnerable young people at risk of exclusion through creative expression and attainment of personal goals using local history and archiving.

Project Objectives
• Produce a series of biographical illustrative images portraying the work and life of Dr. William Penny Brookes, who with Baron Coubertin, started the Modern Olympic Movement.

1. Illustration of a scene from the Wenlock Olympic Games.
2. Illustration of the event staged at the Corn Exchange to celebrate the switching on of the first gas lights.
3. Illustration of Dr. Brookes giving his lecture in the Corn Exchange about the Ancient Olympic Games.
4. Illustration of Dr. William Penny Brookes sitting in the court as a magistrate with men in the stocks.
5. Illustration of the procession/carnival through the main street of Much Wenlock at the beginning of the Wenlock Olympian Games.

(all historic detail and guidance will be given).

• To raise the profile the achievements of Dr. Brookes and the significance of Much Wenlock in the lead up to the Olympics.
• To create this work in a way that does not disengage young people in either the process or end result.

Draft Timescale
This work must be completed by the end of February 2009.

Total Project budget £2,000


Rosemary Smith (see details below)

If applying please respond with information that specifically relates to “what we are looking for” in relation to this brief as this is what we shall shortlist from.
Please supply written response outlining previous experience and why you are interested in this opportunity.

• Your CV
• Your rates of pay per day and if appropriate how you would deliver on this project with costings
• Contact details of two referees you would be happy for us to approach.

Deadline for expressions of interest Thursday 12th February 2009
There will be no interview process.

Contracts between the artist and project team will be drawn up after selection


Rosemary Smith

2012 Co-ordinator
Shropshire Council
Shirehall, Abbey Foregate
01743 255072

The project works to an equalities scheme that encourages all artists who feel they meet the needs of this project brief to apply. If you have any disability which means written communication is a barrier to your application feel free contact me to discuss this.

These Illustrations will feed into the larger project:

The William Penny Brookes Inspire Project

Around the turn of the 19th century Dr. Brookes worked tirelessly to help the working class people of Much Wenlock to broaden their horizons and opportunities and in this context made a case for the social structures we are still working towards that do not discriminate on agendas of gender, sexuality, age, disability, race or religious persuasion. It is for this reason that both he and the Olympic movement have a relevance today.

William Penny Brookes has been credited as the catalysts for the modern Olympic movement his ideology for the games in Much Wenlock was the inspiration for what was to follow.

The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will bring the spotlight of the world onto the Dr. William Penny Brookes legacy, many journalists have already shown an interest in Much Wenlock, Dr. Brookes’ home and grave, the Much Wenlock Museum, Wenlock Olympian Society and so on.

This gives us a fantastic opportunity to use this heritage story and link it with present day issues and problems that are closely aligned to Dr. Brookes life’s work. As a doctor, magistrate, entrepreneur, founder of the Wenlock Olympian Games and the Agricultural Library , Dr Brookes brought opportunities for achievement through sport, culture and learning to disadvantaged people as early as the 1850’s?

The WPB Inspire project will explore the work of Dr. William Penny Brookes, using heritage as an inspiration for young people who are at risk or are offenders. The aim of the 5 year project is to follow Dr. Brookes’ philosophy that without opportunity there cannot be aspiration. His tireless work throughout his life met with much criticism from many quarters, but he continued relentlessly pushing through change to help working class people to have the opportunity to extend their horizons and improve their mental and physical well being.

This cross border project will be delivered in two parts, the first being about local history, art, literacy and archiving skills and the second about participation in adventurous sport, which take the participant slightly outside their comfort zone. We will work with groups of young people from Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, giving them a supportive environment, which will address any barriers they may face to participation.

Participants will have a chance to visit Much Wenlock to see where Dr. Brookes lived, the museum and archives about his legacy and the famous Court Room and Guildhall where he worked as a magistrate.
The project delivery seeks expose the young people to new creative skills like film and photography. We are still negotiating to include these opportunities
along with sport celebrity involvement.

Many of the health and wellbeing outcomes associated with active involvement in cultural activity are now well evidenced and taken for granted this work builds on this legacy.

Project Target Group
At risk young people and repeat offenders linked with the probation service.

Partners Include
Shropshire County Council
Telford Council
West Mercia Probation Trust
South Shropshire Partnership
Much Wenlock Town Council
Much Wenlock Legacy Group

Expected Outcomes
– Increased involvement in education, volunteering or social activities, including ongoing involvement with arts, culture and sport.
– Improvements in well-being (self assessed well-being scale).
– To break the cycle of offending or apathy experienced by young people,
– To establish new interests including the work of Dr. William Penny Brookes.

Rosemary Smith

2012 Co-ordinator
Shropshire Council
Shirehall, Abbey Foregate
01743 255072

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