Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Seen It, Done It, Got Creative

Design Brief for “Seen It, Done It, Got Creative …” – we require a style guide and brand as part of an awareness raising campaign.


Every three years Local Authorities make agreements with Central Government about the services they will provide to local communities. This is called a Local Area Agreement (LAA). The LAA is created through Local Strategic Partnerships including the Police and Probation Service, Fire and Ambulance Service, Primary Care Trust and Local Authorities. In Shropshire this Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) is called ‘Shropshire Partnership’

The success of the agreement and the Services we provide to our communities is measured through a set of national indicators. Shropshire Partnership has adopted the new arts indicator NI 11 – Engagement in the Arts because we believe that over the next 2 years we will be able to increase engagement in the arts by 3%.

The indicator will be measured through a telephone survey starting in October 2009 for 12 months.

Shropshire Council’s requirement now is to increase Shropshire residents’ awareness of how and when they engage in the arts, and an understanding of their participation in the arts. We wish to do this via an awareness campaign as part of a wider initiative that will include marketing communications with:-

  • Modern and attractive graphic branding and styling of the main message.
  • Communications plan to reach partners
  • Reward Scheme for the general public
  • Marketing Tool kit for partner organisations and promoters
  • Road show
  • Digital campaign


We require 2 pieces of connected work:

1. To design and produce a modern and attractive graphic based branding and styling of the main message, based around the strap line:-

Seen It – Done It – Got Creative

We see these words as forming the basis of the campaign; in its basic form a round sticker that can be worn to celebrate arts participation in given projects or a logo on a piece of print.

The brand/logo could be used in other scenarios such as an animated digital projection, herris fencing covers, pop-ups, website, banners, magnetic decals, thumbnail for events listings etc.

We also want to explore ways of changing the words around, still within the brand family but giving different messages, eg

Seen it – done it – got creative – Have You? - You Have! - I have!

The design should be simple and colourful, but should take account of its potential use in all manner of ways. We would need a black and white version as well as full colour.

The final design should be made available as a Jpeg and also in Adobe PDF.

2. We also require a style guide that will demonstrate how we should use the brand to keep it consistent across the various uses and projects. This should be a list of ways that the brand can be used – ie based on colour, font, text size in relation to other logos and fonts. The style guide will illustrate how the logo/brand/strap line can be used in a variety of colour combinations.


We require your application by 13th January 2009. The application should give an outline idea of the number of days this piece of work will take, please also say what your other work commitments are during this time.


We require you to submit your daily rate, stating whether expenses or other costs are in addition or included in the daily rate. Please also say if VAT is to be added or not.

We will sign-off your invoice for payment upon completion of the work. Payment is usually 30 days after sign-off.


  • We require a written quote from you based on the information provided in the above brief, to be submitted by email so that we receive it no later than 13th January 2009
  • We will select the designer based on:
    • quality of previous design work
    • cost
    • empathy with the project
    • experience and skill
    • added value
  • We will appoint the designer and will issue a purchase order to the successful designer within 5 working days of receiving the bids (closing date is 13th January 2009)
  • We expect the work to be complete with 20 working days from that point
  • We require examples of your previous work, web based or digital examples are preferred, to support your bid and to help us reach a decision
  • Please send your application to:-

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