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Creative Industries Newsletter

CA Newsletter - (week 36)

Opportunities/ Funding:

To whom it may concern

I hope you might be able to circulate the attached to your networks?

I attach two Briefs public art commissions’ opportunities at Mac (Midlands Arts Centre) Birmingham. There is also a background on Mac info document.

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is Monday 29 September 2008, 12 noon and applications should be emailed to Louisa.Davies@macarts.co.uk

Rachel Bradley

Public Art Consultant

Rhubarb Rhubarb will be holding free 30-minute photography portfolio review surgeries in the near future. It's a chance for photographers in the West Midlands to have their work reviewed on a one-to-one basis by Rhonda Wilson, Rhubarb's Creative Director. She will be able to give you feedback, advice and answer any questions you have about your practice and how to move it forward. Please bear in mind that we are a Fine Art photography agency, and are best able to help artists in this area. If you have any questions about the type of work you'd like to show for review, you can reply to this e-mail. As the review is fairly short, we ask that you bring around 20 - 25 of your strongest images.

All applicants must reside within the West Midlands to qualify for a free review. Those outside the region must pay a £30 fee.

If you're interested, please reply to this e-mail and send the following details:

Full name

Full postal address

Contact telephone number

There is a waiting list system in place, so replies are treated on a first come, first served basis. Reviews are held at our Custard Factory office, address below.

I'll be in touch with a date and time slots within the next four - six weeks.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sean McGarry

Information Officer

Rhubarb-Rhubarb.net Ltd

e: admin@rhubarb-rhubarb.net

t: +44 (0)121 773 7889

f: +44 (0)121 773 7888


Arts+Media Training New Courses
September - November 2008

Googling, Blogging and Podcasting

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Trainer: Susan Hallam

Everybody’s doing it, but why? And are they doing it right? These dynamic and practical workshops will show you simple steps to enrich your website and ensure that your potential customers/audience can find it easily

Project Management

Tuesday 21 October 2008

Trainer: Gwen Van Spijk

Are you organising something…perhaps a performance, exhibition, festival, sales/marketing campaign or a funding drive? This course will enable you to plan, budget, set up and deliver your creative projects successfully.

Keeping Children and Vulnerable Adults Safe

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Trainer: Liz Whitehead

The aim of this training event is to ensure that individual artists and arts workers know what they have to do to meet the demands of legislation regarding children and vulnerable groups, and to provide guidance and tips on how to do this.


North Staffordshire regeneration partnership is looking to commission a web-development company to design and build a North Staffordshire creative industries portal. If you would like to be considered please see attached information.


13th September - 5th October 2008
12.00 - 21.00 (Closed Mondays)
A.E. Harris Factory
110 Northwood Street, Birmingham B3 1SZ

As you approach this former metalworking factory you will be given a grain of rice. This grain is you. Inside lots of people are waiting for you, billions of them, each represented by a grain of rice.
112 tonnes of rice – 6.7 billion grains – one for everyone on the planet.

As you explore the extraordinary landscape of rice hills and mountains stretching out in front of you, you discover every pile represents a different population and that together these piles tell hundreds of stories, stories of the world’s people and politics, history and current affairs.

This breathtaking show has amazed adults and children alike, from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Madrid to New York City and now it is coming home. Shocking, up-lifting, thought provoking and funny, Of All The People In All The World will change the way you think about the planet we share.

Come and find yourself.


British Summertime (BST) began this year at 1am on Sunday 26 March and will end on Sunday 26 October. The beginning and end of BST has been determined by parliament since 1916. Hybrid Consultancy has commissioned five artists to respond to the theme of British Summertime and what it means to them.

The National Trust is 'for ever for everyone', the 'Whose Story?' project aims to achieve this. The 'Whose Story?' project aims to promote and engage new audiences in the work of the National Trust; producing new interpretations and uncovering 'hidden histories' and diverse stories.

Working at Wightwick Manor, a National Trust property in Wolverhampton, Shaheen Ahmed draws upon heritage and stories that at first glance seem completely unconnected. She picks up on the history of Wightwick Manor and its inhabitants and at the same time explores the role of spirituality yesterday and today through Ulfah Arts ‘Sacred Quran’ project. As a textile and calligraphic artist, Ahmed explores how the games of yesterday, such as the spring Maypole dance can still resonate with us today. Her work is intricate but playful and shows us how traditions travel across the world and find their homes in unusual places.

Join Shaheen this Saturday 13 September to create a window sticker inspired by William Morris one of the pioneers of the 19th Century Arts & Crafts movements. Free entry to Wightwick Manor this weekend as part of 'Open Heritage Day'.


Shaheen will also be delivering a childrens workshop at Artsfest (Victoria Sq. Birmingham) this coming Sunday between 12-2pm.

Come along to Artsfest at Victoria Square in Birmingham this Sat. 13 and Sun. 14 (11am -6pm) to meet some of the other British Summertime Commissioned artists.

Eccentric City – Letter of News September 2008.

Hello, an invitation and some occurrences from the Eccentric City newspaper!


Tuesday 23rd September 2008, 7.30pm THE ECCENTRIC AUCTION AND THE INTERNATIONAL PRIZE DRAW at the Anchor Pub in Digbeth, Birmingham.

For those that made the Eccentric Auction last December will be familiar with the format. A cross between Ebay and a CarBoot, we sell items ranging from 3p to a little bit more ---- it all depends on the crowd and what we have in our eccentric goodie bag!

If you feel generous and eccentric enough to bring an item for the auction and to help us raise much needed funds for our free emotional newspaper, then please bring them along on the night!

Thanks to Gerry at the Anchor Pub once more. He is also honouring us with another Eccentric Ale – The Butler and Lord Mayor Eccentric City beer. Come and sample a little bit if you like!?

The International Prize Draw:

Costing £1 per raffle ticket, this is the chance for one winner to have the opportunity to have a tabloid size page in the next issue of The Eccentric City newspaper. Come along to the Eccentric Auction and buy a raffle ticket. The winner is announced on the night! Full details and terms and conditions: www.eccentriccity.co.uk

Next Issue of The Eccentric City.

We continue to research and invite contributions to the next 2009 newspaper. Jan/Feb 2009 is the likely date for release! This year 10,000 papers are committed to paper, apart from subscribers special offers online (thankyou purchasers), the paper will continue to be a free emotional issue.

Best eccentric blessings!

Harry and Simon,

The Eccentric City.

Don’t forget to become CA’s friend…….

Creative Alliance has added a membership section to its website; this is where we are able to ask you about yourself, your individual practice, your interests and what sort of things you would like to see us offering in terms of new training opportunities. For all you lucky people who register before the 30th Sept, you will be automatically entered into a prize draw for the chance to win £50 worth of Selfridge’s vouchers, so you can treat yourself to something lovely, compliments of us.

You may be on our mailing list at present because you have been interested or participated on a previous course over the last 3 years, but from October we will only be able to send news and opportunities to those signed up for free membership, so in order not to miss out, re-register via the website (it’ll take less than a minute), you’ll stay in the know and you might even win a prize.


Ps. thank you to those of you who have already registered, it is much appreciated. Not long until we discover who will be buying us crispy crèmes with their £50 Selfridges vouchers. woo hoo.

West Midlands Creative Alliance

R10 Custard Factory,

Gibb Street,

Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4AA

0121 224 7308


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