Sunday, 6 July 2008

Artist Brief

Pilot Arts and Health Project to explore
Childhood Obesity in Telford

Artist Brief

The project will explore obesity and the issue of healthy lifestyle, diet and body image. An holistic approach and sensitive handling of this issue will be a requirement of the project.
Due to the nature of this project, it is anticipated that movement and performance could be a preference but visual artists with specific expertise and interest are welcome to apply.
Therefore we would like to receive expressions of interest from a range of artists and performers who have the following experience and skills and a particular interest in this theme:

What we are looking for:
• Experience of Arts in Health projects preferably around issues of body image.
• Experience of leading creative workshops with young people experiencing various emotional and behavioural issues and lack of self esteem in a way which enables them to reach their potential by recognizing the value of their contribution.
• Ability to refer issues raised during the workshops to the schools involved or to the broader partnership team in a sensitive way so that people are not left vulnerable.
• Experience of working as part of a team.
• A high level of competency in own art form
• Experience of project monitoring and evaluation, by collecting evidence as to the outcomes of workshops with participants, according to health sector needs.
• Good communication skills at a variety of levels

Project aim
To use the arts to improve the wellbeing and increase the self esteem of young people identified as being at risk through obesity.

1. To deliver integrated and inclusive activity that raises awareness of health issues related to obesity
2. To encourage participation in a range of creative arts activities that address the issue of obesity (including dance and movement) in a safe and non – competitive environment
3. To raise self esteem and increase confidence of those taking part

Background to project
This is a partnership project funded by Telford & Wrekin Primary Care Trust, through the Health Promotion Team and managed by the Arts Development Team. Within the Borough of Telford and Wrekin we frequently commission artists to work within communities and understand the dynamics and processes that make this a positive experience for all those involved.
Partnership working is the norm so this work will be supported by a range of professionals who will offer their expertise to the project in both the planning and delivery phases. This work will be supported by the health promotion team.

Evidence of need
In 2006 following measurements taken of reception and year six in Telford & Wrekin, a total of 514 children were classified as obese, which is 16.6% of those measured, similar to the national average of 16%. Within T&W the proportion of Year 6 boys classified as obese (22.5%), is significantly higher than the figure for girls of the same age (16.2%).

Project Target Group
Age group: Yr 6, 11 – 12 yrs

1. To offer a series of introductory creative activities, to schools (year 6) to explore the issue of healthy lifestyle with particular reference to obesity.
2. To offer regular creative opportunities as extra curricular activity in and out of school, to the target group, exploring various themes, including self esteem, through a range of art forms including dance/ movement, drama, music (singing) visual art. Some of these activities will relate to existing activities.
3. Learning mentors support vulnerable young people and we would work with this team to support the project.
4. To hold workshops focusing on decision making, and personal responsibility re healthy diet, eating habits and lifestyle including cultural activity.
5. To monitor and record both health and wellbeing before and after sessions.
6. Offer in service training for teachers and professionals working with young people so that inclusivity becomes a part of the physical activity curriculum.

Partners Include
PCT for Telford & Wrekin Health Promotion Team
School Sports Partnership
Arts Development Team, Telford & Wrekin
Learning Mentors Programme.

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