Friday, 19 October 2007

Trustees Meeting Oct 8

VAN Trustees Meeting Oct 8 2007 - MINUTES
Present:- Carola Fielden (chair); David Collingwood; Dave West; Martin Smith; Neil Walker; Chris Dean; Pat Jones; non-trustees Maggie Caley and Lizz Cadd
Apologies from Julia Pim, Ann McCay, Mike Hatch
Summary of Reports and Discussions
a) It’s important for all members to get themselves on the SABC mailing list for the Arts CafĂ©
b) The questionnaire is finished and will be sent to all the 13 local arts groups we have identified (see minutes of Sept 17,).
c) A meeting will be hosted by VAN in December to which the chairs of all these groups will be invited; the idea being that the chairs will bring their responses to the questionnaires to be the basis for discussion of issues such as the Music Hall, Theatre Severn, sales opportunities for art, the use of the VAN website; and particularly whether and how a single collective voice for visual arts should be created, which would have more clout with SABC and SCC. Carola, Chris Dean, Dave West and Andy Howe to represent VAN.
d) Carola had spoken to Jill Leventon about the future organising of Art about Town.
e) Sarah Lean has given up her curating work, mainly it seems because she had difficulty finding artists who wanted to be exhibited.
f) There was discussion of exactly how members renew their membership, or new members join. The need for a combined VAN promotional flier and membership form was agreed.
g) It emerged that there was at one time a sum of £500 available from SABC for development work for VAN; it was stated by Dave Collingwood that it is still available, and Maggie Love is approachable on the subject. Agreed that Carola would contact Maggie Love on this, and that such items as a flier, and website development would be exactly appropriate.
h) There is a SAADA meeting on Oct 17 about the possibility of re-starting the SAADA Shropshire Open. Carola and Ann McCay will attend.
i) Carola will be away from Oct 29 to Dec 12, and proposed that Dave West take over the chair in the meantime.
j) Martin thought it was very important to clarify the position on public liability insurance, as to who is covered and when, and whether VAN itself need be identified, or its logo used. He felt that anyone wishing to use this cover should put a proposal before the committee first, who would advise.
k) There was agreement that the old habit of a shorter business meeting of the Trustees, followed by a socialising/networking time for any members, should be reconsidered, subject to pressure of business.
l) Carola suggested that we need a membership secretary and that we co-opt Maggie Caley (if she is willing) to that post. Decision postponed until more discussion of membership mechanisms.
m) Next meeting; Monday Nov 12, Cornhouse, 7.00 pm

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