Wednesday, 26 September 2007

VAN Minutes meet 17 Sept

Minutes of the meeting of the Trustees of the Visual Art Network, Sept 17, 2007 at the Cornhouse
Present:- Carola Felden (chair), Neil walker, Dave West, Andrew Howe, David Collingwood, Chris Dean
Apologies from:- Pat Jones, Ann McCay, Julia Pim, Wren Miller, Martin Smith

1 Notice was given of the next Arts Café at Belmont on Oct 15 at 7.00pm. Carola encouraged all members of VAN to attend if possible, because there will be a presentations by Mary White on how the plans for the new museum and visitor centre fit into the “overall cultural aspirations” for town and county; and by Adrian Plant on visual arts exhibition programming past and future. We assume this includes discussion of the proposed gallery space. And possibly some more concrete information on what will be available in the Theatre.

2 Carola repeated our agreed view that there should be a strong voice for Visual Arts, intervening now; and suggested that therefore we should be encouraging all relevant organisations of “artistic makers” to “affiliate” themselves to VAN in some way, so that VAN can be a representative channel of opinion to SABC and SCC.
A long list of such organisations was accumulated, and a letter to be sent to them all was approved by vote. The letter will suggest co-operation and invite opinions so that we can speak with some collective authority.

3 A covering letter to be sent out with the questionnaire (see minutes July 2) was also approved by vote.

4 The chair proposed, and the meeting approved, that Sheila Jeavons should be invited to be co-opted on to the committee, as a highly rated artist and leading organiser locally; and that Maggie Caley should also be invited to be co-opted as administrative secretary of VAN because she is a “maker” and has huge administrative experience. (Chris Dean to continue being minuting secretary).

5 It was decided that Maggie Love and Adrian Plant of SABC should always be informed of our meetings, invited to attend if they wish, and sent copies of the minutes.

6 The final form of the questionnaire was approved subject to changes to be made after consultation with Sheila Jeavons of Secret Hills Arts Café, and Chris Griffin of “Made in Shropshire”.

7 Next meeting:- Monday Oct 8, the Cornhouse, 7.00 pm
Agenda to include
Preparations for mailout of questionnaire by SCC

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