Thursday, 16 August 2007

Fine Art - Morning After Director

Fine Art - Morning After Director:

Lara Ratnaraja Lead Mentor: Nicola Shipley Guest mentors: Helen Legg, Melissa Nisbett, Matt Price, Dom Murphy

The Morning After Fine Art programme will explore the genres of fine art practice, and how to develop your professional arts practice and develop a group catalogue to profile the artists work to curators, galleries and commissioners.

Who Is It For? New and emergent fine art practitioners - who are looking to develop their professional art practice and build a reputation in the fine art world. We aim to grow their skills to develop the freelance business of being a professional artist.

What Is It? ·

A 12 week, 60 hours practice led mentoring programme for fine artists. ·

Practice led mentoring and seminars using curators and arts professionals providing experiential advice and guidance ·

Development of freelance skills using models of good practice. ·

A catalogue the artists can use as part of their professional portfolio. o

Group Sessions and seminars o

Portfolio Review

Helen Legg Ikon o Introduction to contemporary fine art

Helen Legg Ikon/tbc o Approaching galleries

Helen Legg Ikon o Catalogue Design

TAK! Design o

Marketing for the contemporary fine art market
Melissa Nisbett Ikon o

Confidence building and how to approach galleries

Nicola Shipley/Matt Price

Previous artists have developed tools to identify galleries and curators and increased their confidence in their practice. In addition, they have developed a catalogue to use as part of their professional portfolio and learnt how to present their work to galleries and commissioners. Previous participants have gone on to show work at: Ideas Factory V & A Event, New Art Birmingham, The Event, Virtual, Ten4 Magazine, The Out Crowd, Fused Magazine, Rhubarb-Rhubarb International Festival of the Image How do I get involved? Please send your CV, personal statement and representative images of your work to by Monday 27th August 2007.

For more information see the attached biographies or call 0121 224 7308. Annie Laughrin Project Manager West Midlands Creative Alliance R018/019 Custard Factory Gibb Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B9 4AA Tel: 0121 224 7308 Mob: 07793 557322 Email:

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