Monday, 30 April 2007

Shropshire Open Studios

As an VAnet member I often feel out on a limb living on the borders and was hoping that open studios events could extend to all members. Hereford seem to have this really down to a fine art with their yearly open studios week.

This is a comment I recently got from a die hard VAN fan. I had to reply

At present you are correct –Anne McKay runs a Shrewsbury based open studios as part of the Shrewsbury Summer Season. Because we are a voluntary organisation it has been up to volunteers to come forward to organise and run events but since Steve Vicary did A Shropshire wide open studio some years ago open studios in Shropshire have been organised at a local level. Borderland Visual Arts do one around Oswestry and the Borders – I have heard of one around Broseley – If more people talked about it and could agree a format with enough people working with their local artists it could be made to happen. It’s not my thing though although I do visit some open studios - I do my best at keeping information flowing and try to provide ways for people to communicate. Others need to come to the fore to make a Shrops Open Studio happen.

A reply came -

Maybe after I have launched my new studio/workshops I will put on my thinking cap to get something started more locally.

Post your interest here - nothing is going to happen about this if people don't get involved by talking about it.


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Dave West said...

I think it is well worth investigating the possibilities of broadening the Open Studio event geographically. It works in other counties. It could even happen in Shrewsbury more than once a year.
But it is important that people contribute their ideas to the discussion.
So come on folks.