Thursday, 11 January 2007

Casper - great show at No 35 - get your .......

Andy McKeown's (Shown here with Sue Challis receiving the local winners prize at last years WR open) show at no 35 in Oswestry is really interesting. The work is computer generated monoprints created by a computer programme he has written that manipulates a number of drawings he specifies and duplicates and arranges them ito a design. He then has 30seconds to decide whether to print or trash the image before the computer programme trashes it itself. So hence a computer generated "monoprint". Go take a look - it will make some traditionalists scream but I saw a cool variety of images.

Well done Casper for arranging this show - but tell us what you are upto here - and get your charming assistants to give us the Shrew lowdown too.

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